Sunday, January 27, 2013

Author/Illustrator Classroom Visits

Art and science come together in my classroom presentations of Over in the Valley. San Joaquin Valley species are featured in a fun song and book from which I jump into early grade science and art activities. Below are several activities, appropriate to several different grade levels. Mix and match depending on your grade and interests.

Over in the Valley trading cards
Animal Characteristics: Using my sets of animal trading cards, students will sort the species according to their traits -- mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects.

Animal Habitats: We look at what is needed in every habitat, and the different places in which each of these animals live. I also talk a little about habitat loss and how animals can adapt or become extinct.

Animal Portrait: This fun art activity gives children the opportunity to observe one of the animals in depth, and we create a watercolor portrait. I have used the mountain lion many times because it NOT in my book. We also talk about why mountain lions are rarely seen in our area any more, and what other species have disappeared locally and why.

California Tiger Salamander in its vernal pool habitat,
Drawing Animals in Their Habitat: Another art activity that helps kids think about all the different elements of an animal's habitat as they create a piece of art.

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Animal Portrait - Mountain Lion
Animal Portrait – Mountain Lion

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